Vincent Batoufflet

IT Systems and Operations Engineer

September 29, 1984
Paris, France


Network Protocols
TCP/IP, OSI, VLAN; OSPF, BGP (basic knowledge).
Applicative Protocols
Operating Systems
GNU/Linux Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, Oracle Linux; FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS (basic knowledge).
Scripting and Programming Languages
POSIX shell/Bash, Go, Python, PHP; Csh/Tcsh, Perl, C (basic knowledge).
Web Technologies
HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, XML.
SQL language, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite; Elasticsearch, Cassandra (basic knowledge).
Configuration Management and Automation
Salt, Ansible, Puppet.
Monitoring and Metrics Gathering
Nagios, Collectd, Graphite, RRDtool; Prometheus (basic knowledge).
Cloud Platforms and Virtualization
Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services; Linux KVM, Xen, libvirt, Docker; VMware ESXi (basic knowledge).
Data Storage
Linux RAID, LVM; SUN ZFS Storage, NetApp (basic knowledge).
FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS (basic knowledge).
Network Hardware
Cisco Systems, F5 BIG-IP.
Debian packaging; FLOSS maintainer and contributor.


Lead Operations Engineer at happn

Since May 2016

Lead Systems and Network Engineer at Diabolocom

Aug. 2014 – Apr. 2016

Systems and Network Administration
Design, setup and day-to-day operation of the telecommunications platform and services.
Configuration management and provisioning solution setup to automate infrastructure and services deployments (Salt, FAI and Foreman).
Monitoring and metrics gathering infrastructure setup (Centreon, Collectd, RRDtool, InfluxDB and SNMP).
Virtualization platform design and setup (libvirt and KVM).
Redundant and fault-tolerant services infrastructure design (LVS, Keepalived and BIRD).
Tests driving and services deployment on Amazon Web Services.
SIP-I infrastructure setup to interconnect with other telecommunications operators.
Development of a real-time RADIUS accounting service to index metadata of calls handled by the telecommunications platforms (Go, Elasticsearch and Kibana).
Lead of a team of 5 systems and network administrators.
Projects framing and feasibility studies.
Prioritization and schedules management.

Lead Systems and Network Administrator at e-merchant (Pixmania)

Dec. 2011 – Jul. 2014

Systems Administration
Day-to-day operation of the e-commerce platform and services.
Web caching and HTTP reverse proxy setup (Varnish).
LDAP directory solution with Active Directory synchronization setup, in order to centralize information about the development teams (OpenLDAP, Python, Bash and Puppet).
Distributed job scheduling infrastructure design (Gearman, Python and PHP).
Centralized data exchange platform design and setup (ProFTPD, PostgreSQL, and Python).
Development of monitoring and time series visualization front-ends (Python, HTML and JavaScript).
Development of monitoring and metrics gathering scripts (SNMP).
Lead of a small team of systems administrators.
Weekly progress and incidents reports.
Prioritization of infrastructure improvement and migration plans.
Technical referent for development teams.

Systems and Network Administrator at Newsweb (Lagardère Active)

Nov. 2010 – Dec. 2011

Systems Administration
Day-to-day operation of a high-traffic web hosting platform.
Apache hosting environment design and setup, with multiple PHP version support.
Centralized applicative logging system design and development (Python, PHP and MongoDB).
Development of a release manager for deploying code to production (Python and Rsync).

Systems and Network Administrator at BUF

Jan. 2007 – Nov. 2010

Systems Administration
Day-to-day operation of 1000+ GNU/Linux servers and desktops.
Load-balanced LDAP infrastructure design and setup, centralizing system users and groups, messaging accounts, and NFS mount points (OpenLDAP, LVS and Keepalived).
Redundant DNS infrastructure design and setup, with revision control and automatic deployment (Bind and Subversion).
Installation and configuration automation setup (FAI, Cfengine and Subversion).
Development of an inventory and resource collection tool (Python, C and SNMP).
Administration of the decentralized archiving on disks and tapes (Rsync and Amanda).
Local GNU/Linux Debian mirror and repository management and custom Debian packaging.
Network Administration
Multi-site network architectural redesign, via dedicated optic-fiber and VPN connections.
Day-to-day network flow management: Packet Filter, Netfilter and VLAN configuration.

Systems and Network Administrator at UVSQ

Oct. 2005 – Sep. 2006

Systems Administration
Day-to-day operation of “Institut des Sciences et Techniques des Yvelines” (computer science engineer school) equipments.
Development of a monitoring and logging solution for the university wireless infrastructure (PHP and OpenLDAP).
Network Administration
Wireless infrastructure deployment across various university’s facilities: location study and access-points setup.
802.1x authentication implementation, with automatic VLAN tagging based on user’s clearance level (FreeRADIUS).


“Expert en Informatique et Systèmes d’Information”
Ingésup, Paris – 2014
“Licence professionnelle en Intégration de Système et Réseaux Numériques Distribués, Administration Réseau”
University Institute of Technology, Vélizy – 2006
“Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Informatique de Gestion, Administrateur de Réseaux Locaux d’Entreprise”
Lycée Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Étampes – 2005
“Baccalauréat en Sciences des Techniques Industrielles, Génie Électronique”
Lycée Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Étampes – 2003


ITIL v3 Foundation
EXIN – 2013
Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
Cisco Systems – 2006
Cisco Certified Network Associate, modules 1 to 4
Cisco Systems – 2005


Native language


Time series data visualization software